For more than 80 years Langfords has more than 80 years of expertise, the one stop shop for all things silver and at competitive prices.

We offer probably the most extensive range of British & European cutlery patterns in the UK, offered in sterling silver & silver plated

Commercially used cutlery is plated either on nickel or stainless steel blanks. Each has benefits to consider and we can talk you through which will be right for you.

In addition, we regularly undertake to refurbish whole sets of cutlery. During this process, the cutlery is polished to remove any light surface scratches, then replated with a heavy deposit of silver and polished again to make them sparkle. This will ensure that your cutlery will look good for many years to come without the need to continually replate.

We supply an extensive range of quality, hotel-plate and silver tableware that is suitable for the intense needs in hotels, restaurants, clubs and livery companies.  We guarantee a heavy deposit of silver plate that will endure and be value for money.

Depending on your needs, we can adapt existing tableware to your specific needs or design and create entirely bespoke pieces.

Everything from the usual to the unusual!  

Contact us for advice on all the available options.