Replate & Refurbish

Replate & Refurbish

Good quality silver plated cutlery and tableware in daily use in a busy dining room may just need a refresh from time to time.  If the plate is thick enough a professional polish will bring back the lustre and shine.  Our replating service guarantees a heavy deposit of silver to ensure your silver looks bright and professional and will be not need replating for years.

Repairs to fine antique silver and plate need to be done professionally and sympathetically if the value and integrity of the piece is to be maintained.  We have some of the most experienced silversmiths who undertake anything from simple repairs to conservation standard restoration.

If you have any silver in need of restoration, or want a professional assessment, please contact us and we can advise you on the most cost efficient way to have it repaired.

Client's restaurant itemsPolished and ready for plating Plated and ready for customer

Occasionally silverware is beyond repair, or more costly to renovate than replace.  We will help you find new or antique replacements, or recreate a copy of the original.

All repairs and restoration of silver and silver plate are carried out professionally and economically - commensurate with the function, quality and value of the piece.  Customers can expect us to provide goods that will offer long service at a realistic and affordable price.