7 tips to keep your silverware ship-shape:

Make sure silver cutlery that’s been in contact with egg, mustard, vinegar or citrus is washed in warm soapy after service to prevent tarnishing.

Use silver dip to remove any heavy oxidation (blackening), for example the tips of forks that have become discoloured. We only recommend Goddards, Haggerty or Christofle brands). Thoroughly rinse off the dip to avoid corrosion.

If possible, at the end of a dishwasher cycle, crack the door open and allow the steam to escape, take out the silverware and hand finish with a clean tea towel.

Soft natural bristle brushes and toothbrushes can be used to get silver polish out of ornate decorative sections where a cloth cannot reach.

To avoid particles scratching smooth, shiny surfaces always use clean, lint-free soft dusters or micro-fibre cloths when polishing silverware.

To maintain silver looking bright and shiny, periodically use a water mister and a clean micro-fibre cloth to remove finger marks.

NEVER use abrasive scourers on silverware.  A Brillo pad can ruin silver faster than a speeding bullet!