Hotels & Restaurants

Hotels & Restaurants

The HoReCa sector wants silverware that can withstand the heavy, daily demands of a busy hotel or restaurant and stay looking good.

Good quality silver plated cutlery and tableware in daily use in a busy dining room may just need a refresh from time to time. If the plate is thick enough, a professional polish will bring back the lustre and shine.


Langfords offers probably the widest selection of antique and modern silver and silver plated cutlery in the UK.  Bespoke cutlery can be designed and produced for those with specific design needs.

We recommend replating cutlery and tableware with a minimum of 15 microns of silver to ensure it looks bright and professional and will be not need replating for years.

Whether hand-forged sterling silver or silver-plated for commercial use, we only sell cutlery that is made to the highest standards and at a sensible price. 

Sourcing Quality Silverware

We supply a wide range of quality, hotel-plate tableware suitable for the intense needs of hotels, restaurants, clubs and livery companies. We guarantee a heavy deposit of silver-plate that will endure, will not wear out and be value for money.

Using our extensive knowledge of the market, we source specific silver or silver-plated pieces for clients. 

Care & Cleaning

Whether cleaning silver or silver-plate, or pieces that have the new anti-tarnish treatment, we provide all the guidance you need to keep your silverware in good order. We'll even send our expert cleaner to train your staff and share tricks of the trade.

Our unique anti-tarnish system employs nanotechnology to keep tarnish at bay and removes the need for frequent silver polishing, helping to reduce labour costs.


We can source, any item that you may require:

  • Champagne buckets & stands - refurbished or modern
  • Punch bowls for holding multiple bottles
  • Cocktail shakers
  • Decanters & claret jugs
  • Wine bottle coasters


For those wanting bespoke silverware, we work with clients to conceive and produce silverware to any individual design or style according to your budget. 

Where applicable we will create tooling that you will be able to order those bespoke items indefinitely.

We can source a variety of champagne bucket styles