Even top-quality silver-plated cutlery and tableware in daily use may need a refresh from time to time. If the silver plate is thick enough, a professional polish will bring back the lustre and shine.  If replating cutlery and tableware is necessary, Langfords advises applying a minimum of 10 microns of silver to ensure it looks bright and professional and will not need replating for years.

Repairs to antique silver and plate need to be done professionally and sympathetically if the value and integrity of the piece is to be maintained. We have some of the most experienced silversmiths who undertake anything from simple repairs to conservation and museum standard restoration.

Clients can expect all repairs and restoration of silver and silver plate to be carried out professionally and commensurate with the function, quality and value of the piece

Occasionally silverware is beyond repair, or more costly to renovate than replace.  Using our expertise we will help you find new or antique replacements, or recreate to your exact specification.

Durability is one of silver’s greatest attributes. In light of that Langfords is happy to give candid professional advice on methods to take care of your silverware and keep it looking good for many years to come.