Superyacht clients face many of the same entertaining needs as the top restaurants and hotels but Langford's understands the added constraints of living and entertaining on board a yacht constantly on the move.  

For seaborne clients Langford's regularly refurbishes and replates yacht silverware to ensure it is fresh and like new for the start of every season.

We provide a personal service and don't let the fact that we are based in London be a concern. Langford's has will work with the 'Chief Stew', or agent, to collect the silver from any port, undertake the refurbishment and return to you.

The usual requests are to refurbish cutlery and flatware at the end of the season. We will provide you with clear pricing and advise you on the options to consider. We aim to build longstanding relationships with our customers and this means that over time we get to know the history of the pieces you hold and make sure they are available in top condition.

As well as great customer service, we guarantee our work and can provide a certificate to prove the amount of silver used when replating. Our pricing is competitive too.

Our reputation as a silver expert is well known around the world, allowing the Interior Manager to be reassured that their silver is to have the highest quality of work undertaken. 

We also work with interior designers and can supply a wide range of silver and silver cutlery through to many different bespoke projects required in this sector. Like any smart landlubber, we understand that your clients also seek interesting and exclusive decorative silverware.  And what better personal statement than to realise a private yacht in a bespoke silver model.